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Welcome to the official website of Yangzhou Lontrin Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

On behalf of all the Lontrin Steel Tube people, I extend my sincere gratitude to all the partners and leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life for their long-term concern and effort to support the development and construction of Lontrin.

As the provider of most complete seamless steel tube products, services and solutions in the world, the products of Lontrin Steel Tube are widely used in small and medium-sized oil and gas companies around the world, as well as engineering pipeline, oil pipelines, gas cylinder steel tube, boiler power generation and military industry and other fields. Lontrin Steel Tube's advanced production technology and reliable product performance are constantly creating value for customers. Its regional service network spreads all over the world enables Lontrin to be closer to customers, response to customers quickly, and to provide professional and efficient technical support and after-sales service for users around the world.

As a faithful, reliable and respected industrial enterprise, Lontrin Steel Tube will increase its R&D and manufacturing activities in terms of global engineering projects, continue to participate into the development of various industries, and work together with global energy companies to meet a more brilliant future! Sell tube all over the world, deliver goods anywhere, and create a centurial Lontrin.

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