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Lontrin logo with the dragon and the Chinese characters and other elements of the word combination of Sichuan, the word tilted 76.5 degrees and the dragon step forward step balance stable combination to form a unified overall comparison, the color with blue and yellow with, that is Contrasting against the background, but also a harmonious unity, a strong visual impact, the overall shape and color match in full compliance with their own industry attributes, the reason for the word set to blue, but also reflects the meaning of the blue sky, a symbol of Dragon takeoff mood. The combination of the two elements of unity, without losing rhythm, rigorous structure without losing the dynamic, refreshing, jumped into the eye.
Symbol of the simple symbol is the dragon walk through the mountains and boundless expanse between the enterprises here to the public to spread not just a simple meaning, but also a symbol of a strength, ability, unity, progressive enterprise team spirit. And to the world to express; Longchuan people can overcome all difficulties and obstacles, not up to the spirit, as the logo used Jinlong, as has been all ready; is to praise the new posture, more stringent modern management mechanism, and continuously to the More ambitious goals. Sichuan, a symbol of the endless stream, and to reflect the people continue to Yongchuan forward, never fighting spirit.
The concept of the enterprise is set to "take the road of quality, brand enterprises do" advocated in the competition "Quality of survival, quality and development, quality extension space", the formation of stable and efficient team.


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