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Russian customers come to visit our company

Date:2016年2月20日 17:12

On the afternoon of February 18, 2016, an important customer of a Russian oil company came to our company to inspect the order of 23000 tons of new projects, to understand the preparation of the project and the production plan.

In the history of Mr. Wang and other company leaders, accompanied by the customer has visited the US Steel Logistics Center, six branch large-diameter production line and four branch, the company's on-site management and product quality left a deep impression on our company Smooth performance of the contract on schedule with confidence. Then the customer and the production quality of the person in charge of the exchange of raw material preparation, production planning and quality control, inspection and so on.

The project of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in July 2015 tender, and in October the successful bidder, the total number of 23,000 tons, has been officially placed orders for the 2016 foreign trade sales provided a good start.

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