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China galvanized seamless steel pipe industry in urgent need of "Germany" and product quality

Date:2016年6月2日 17:14

Hebei Tongyuan to introduce the development of China's galvanized seamless steel pipe industry in urgent need of "Germany" and product quality

According to the latest market report, domestic galvanized seamless steel pipe stock market gains are still the last week the average weekly increase of 1.35% or so. Galvanized seamless steel pipe into the July continued strength since the ex-factory price increase in steel mills, raw material prices steadily upward; some areas of the "green storm" have substantial signs of progress, all of these factors are directly on the domestic steel market has played a encouraging spot . Only steel prices, some of the market decline in transactions, cautious businesses have begun to cash profits, some offer gradually stabilized.
Galvanized seamless steel pipe once again return to the shock of strong pattern, today's steel market within a narrow range. Construction steel, cold rolled coil slightly, hot-rolled coil and plate slightly stronger. After a sharp pull up after yesterday, the stock market continued to soar for the US stocks have been diluted, violent brother no longer display their fists, stock index close. Long-term electronic trading continues to shock the situation on the strong side. However, the rebar futures in today's small breakthrough, closing range finally broke a single digit, 1401 contract closed up 28, while the current moving up strong, short-term gains in the situation is expected, but also will lead to the spot market with a certain amount of rise. In addition, the recent macro-surface information inside and outside the overall warmer. The Fed statement partial loose, Europe, the British central bank also maintained a low interest rate unchanged, coupled with the domestic manufacturing boom index and steady growth will, the monetary policy and fiscal policy of the overweight, so that the current steel city change day, The situation will once again deduce.

According to analysis, in the sheet metal market, the rally to continue. Galvanized seamless steel pipe increase has been enlarged, but the market turnover is not ideal, business shipping more difficult, some more resources, inventory of businesses, in the actual transaction price in the bargaining space. Shipbuilding and other downstream industries, the market situation is still not ideal, the demand for steel products is still relatively light, galvanized steel pipe in some areas of the market price has become more loose. Hot rolled coil market as a whole is to continue upward, but careful comparison, there have been signs of high before and after the slow, in the main market monitoring agency, the latest tons of weekly gains were not more than hundred dollars. Compared with the same period last year, the average market price of hot rolled or down nearly 300 yuan per ton, individual market decline even more than 400 yuan. Some steel mills related to export orders more abundant, which more or less reduce the pressure on the domestic steel market resources, Anshan Iron and Steel, Shougang and other leading steel mills in August ex-factory price of hot rolled out. However, some cautious business mentality has begun to cash profits, in order to pocket security.

In the construction steel market, gains in the expansion, which Guangzhou, Lanzhou and other market rally is more obvious, the latest tons of weekly gains in the 100-140 yuan. But there is a similar phenomenon: As prices go up, volume shrinking, some businesses confidence in the decline in the afternoon, offer tends to flat. And steel prices are directly related to iron ore and other raw materials prices are stable and up. According to the relevant report, billet, iron ore turnover was active, prices continue to rise; coal and coke prices stabilized. At present, many steel mills profitability has improved, short-term within the raw materials may be "replenishment", raw material market demand is relatively strong, galvanized seamless steel pipe prices may also steadily. The local market demand significantly reduced, the overall market prices continue to weak decline; and because the current merchant shipping will be different market price is very confusing, some businesses in no hurry to ship, mainly busy before the closing offer is still high above, but the basic difficult But also a new business to the northern steel resources due to lower cost and eager to sell market prices continue to fall; overall, by the steel market part of the impact of low-cost resources, the overall trend continues downward. However, since most of the businesses next week will be a holiday, the market will also be "no market price" state.

Galvanized steel pipe plant reported difficulties in exports into gold, increase, the return of resources to increase the Chinese market supply pressure. Recently, China's steel prices have risen, the advantages of Chinese steel export quotations has been weakened peak valley, and due to frequent ups and downs of low-profit era in the Chinese market, many export enterprises to take measures to respond to market risks. In 2015, China's steel prices all the way down, subject to the advantages of low prices and the impact of operational risk situation is grim, and high export earnings-driven exports of China's record high, 11.4 billion tons of steel exports, an increase of 19.9% , Crude steel accounted for 14.9% of crude steel production over the same period. And increased trade friction caused by increased exports, but also increased the resistance of steel exports in the late. Analysis of statistics, in the first quarter of 2016 eased, other Chinese or regional Chinese steel products introduced 11 trade remedy understand the structural adjustment, in 2015 only 4 from the same period. Recently, India, South Korea, the European Union and other Chinese and regional voice on China's steel import measures more and more obvious, the Indian government decided to further expand imports of alloy and non-alloy hot rolled coil 20% tax protection since February 5, Minimum import offer (MIP) program revenues, six months, covering 173 kinds of steel products, accounting for about 80% of imports of steel. March 16, the European Commission released the "European steel industry to maintain sustainable employment and growth", the EU will import steel products in the 37 anti-dumping and countervailing measures to take on the basis of further trade remedies and preferential import regulations Measures. From 2006 onwards, the EU 's steel trade protection measures are subject to two, continue to strengthen the EU adopted 37 anti - dumping and countervailing measures on imports of steel, including 16 Chinese steel products. From the recent situation, nearly 15% of steel exports of resources is not optimistic, China's supply of the digestion or the situation will drop 2016, the return of Chinese resources will increase the Chinese market supply pressure.

2016 China's economy is still facing greater downward pressure, despite China's "overweight" continued to introduce measures to steadily increase the galvanized steel pipe, but the overall demand from China to tighten the resources of galvanized steel pipe, due to China's economic slowdown, China 's GDP decline in steel consumption intensity, 2016 is the inevitable trend of decline in demand for Chinese steel. China Iron and Steel Association, according to crude steel consumption intensity analysis and downstream industry analysis and analysis, is expected in 2016 crude oil consumption fell 5% - 4%. From the recent performance of the market increased significantly, after a pre-baptism of explosive growth, the steel market gradually return to rational to create value, market transactions in general. Market supply and demand between the contradictions still exist in the early release of the demand for circular economy, the early offer rose, leading to a slight correction in the short - term demand is weak compared to the rise in the first quarter rose sharply in advance of the second quarter overdraft space is expected in China Steel The market in the second quarter will face greater pressure on the callback.

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