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How to use the seamless steel tube structure as the industry's "tumbler"

Date:2016年6月2日 17:13

At present, China's high-pressure boiler pipe industry is facing difficulties when the occasion, some long-standing industry topics once again be dug out the old topic - "private enterprises and state-owned enterprises" is better?

Controversial results, different opinions, benevolence see.

We once again list some of the past "data" to see who can really clarify the two of the "pros and cons." Near the winter, the weather gradually turns cold, pipe downstream demand is also significantly reduced, the enthusiasm of the lack of business purchases. There are iron and steel enterprises, steel mills will be arranged in previous years, the general maintenance plan ahead of schedule in winter to October, but also because of lack of downstream demand. However, part of the pipeline construction project is brewing start. Such as the China National Petroleum Corporation announced that recently, the Sino-Russian East Gas Pipeline Project has been the National Development and Reform Commission on the design line and other issues approved, will be divided into northern, middle and southern respectively approved the construction. According to preliminary design, Sino-Russian natural gas pipeline from Heilongjiang Province, Heihe City, through Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai 9 provinces and cities. China-Russia natural gas pipeline in the Russian territory has started construction on September 1 this year, China's pipeline construction is in an orderly manner, plans to start in the first half of 2015, completed in 2018. The project will bring some pipe demand.
The export situation of high-pressure boiler tubes is still grim. Since the beginning of this year, China's high-pressure boiler pipe export situation is better than in previous years, especially in September steel exports to a new high, reaching 8.52 million tons. However, the recent frequent cases of steel anti-dumping cases will have a negative impact on exports later. Among them, the beginning of October, should the EU stainless steel tube industry protection committee's application, the European Union originating in China's seamless steel pipe anti-dumping sunset review of the investigation. Not long ago, Vietnam, Brazil and other countries announced the import of pipe products from anti-dumping duties.
Starting from last week, the domestic steel alloy pipe market returning to ushered in a wave of rising prices. However, with the main varieties of steel (rebar, hot-rolled coil, etc.) a single week cumulative more than ten dollars per ton or even hundreds of yuan compared to the seamless market is relatively weak market. As of October 20, the country's major cities ф108mm × 4.5mm seamless pipe average price of 3646 yuan / ton, compared with the previous week fell by 12 yuan / ton; ф219mm × 6mm seamless average price of 3793 yuan / Ton, compared with the previous week fell by 10 yuan / ton. Among them, the seamless market in Harbin, the largest decline in prices, the cumulative decline in one week up to 200 yuan / ton; other cities of the seamless pipe market trend is relatively stable.

Resource supply is too small, alloy tube billet prices rose slightly. From the cost point of view, despite the pipe product prices stable weak, but the upstream pipe market prices are still a slight increase. For example, the market price of Shandong tube market rose 60 yuan / ton to 80 yuan / ton, Jiangsu region of the tube price adjustment is also 80 yuan / ton. This is mainly due to the pre-shutdown of the tube manufacturers more maintenance, so that the market supply of resources on the tube less than normal. In addition, in November, APEC meeting will be held in Beijing, the relevant departments of the surrounding areas of Beijing's steel, coking and other enterprises to implement restrictions, cut-off measures to strengthen the market tightening of resources is expected to lead the billet prices rose slightly. However, compared with last month, various regions of the billet prices are still 150 yuan / ton ~ 200 yuan / ton decline.
In 2013, the country's 107 key private steel enterprises crude steel production 337 million tons, accounting for all private steel crude steel production 84%, accounting for 43% of the national crude steel production. Sales income of 1664.471 billion yuan, profits of 21.4 billion. 19 loss-making enterprises, the total loss of 2.285 billion yuan, 17.75% loss.

Alloy steel tons of steel profits, 107 enterprises average of 64 yuan. Jiangsu Yong Steel Group's steel profit of 95 yuan per ton, higher than average. 107 companies, more than 1 billion yuan profit of 2, Sha Steel Group profit 3.091 billion, the profit in the industry-wide second only to Baosteel; Fangda Iron and Steel Group profit 1.062 billion. There are 12 enterprises with a profit of over 500 million yuan.

According to the provincial point of view, to participate in the statistics of the focus of private steel enterprises, the Jiangsu private steel enterprises tons of steel profits 101 yuan, higher than the average profit of private enterprises 37 yuan, is the highest profits of all provinces. Hebei private steel enterprises profit of 52 yuan per ton of steel; Shandong private steel enterprises profit 32 yuan per ton; Shanxi private enterprise tons of steel profits 13.63 yuan; Henan private enterprises profit per ton of steel -16.23 yuan.
Steel consumer demand "peaked" on the impact of China's steel industry is enormous. At present, China's steel production capacity has more than 1.1 billion tons, in the case of slowing demand, the industry's future overcapacity will further increase, to the enterprise a severe test. "Merger and reorganization of enterprises in the textile and other light industry has been basically completed, and in the steel and other heavy chemical industry has just begun.

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