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Steel pipe industry should focus on high-performance steel research and development work

Date:2016年6月2日 11:28

At present, the Chinese steel pipe industry is imperative to break through a number of countries to build the urgent need to lead the future development of the key pipe and technology; by 2020, establish a strong independent innovation capability and sustainable and healthy development, industry, academia, research, Of the pipe industry system. At the same time, the industry's key varieties to meet the national economy and national defense construction needs, some high-end pipe products to reach the world advanced level, steel product upgrading has achieved remarkable results, enterprise transformation and upgrading to achieve substantial progress, to achieve the steel industry from quantity to variety, , The effectiveness of strategic change.

Steel tube structure is a new type of energy-saving environmental protection building system, known as the 21st century "green building." It is a low weight, high strength, seismic performance, energy saving and environmental protection can be recycled using the load-bearing steel structure, in line with China's development of energy-efficient buildings and sustained and healthy economic development. February 4, 2016, the State Council issued the "State Council on the steel industry to resolve the excess capacity to achieve the views of the development of difficulties," clearly put forward the promotion of steel construction, combined shantytowns transformation, dilapidated buildings and seismic housing projects to promote the application of steel structure construction Pilot, a substantial increase in the proportion of steel applications.

During the period of 13th Five-Year Plan, the development and production of circular, rectangular and irregular shaped steel pipes should meet the requirements of China's high-rise building, large span space (sports, exhibition hall, high-speed railway station, terminal building) Real estate, highways, railways and other infrastructure construction in the high-end construction of a large number of pipe needs. Among them, the thermoformed square rectangular tube has the advantages of high torsional strength, good stability, beautiful appearance and so on. It has been widely used in the new museum of Beijing and the new building of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, connecting building, connecting bridge, ; The future, qualified enterprises to speed up the transformation of equipment to develop the market needs Q345, Q390, Q420, Q460 steel grade products.

At present, China's petrochemical industry with the existence of the steel pipe does not form a complete standard system, high-performance steel needs a lot of imports, steel pipe R & D process lagging behind, manufacturers of product quality and service awareness has yet to be improved and so on.

Stainless steel pipe production group is not complete; petrochemical industry needs large diameter, thick-walled steel pipe production capacity is very limited; stainless steel pipe product quality is unstable; the new stainless steel pipe production is not stable; the new production of stainless steel pipe is not stable; R & D and production of varieties can not meet the development of petrochemical industry. For example, some European stainless steel pipe enterprises every year more than a dozen new varieties of stainless steel tube introduced, and our ability in these areas is weak.

Petrochemical industry requires special pipe, expensive, accounting for a larger proportion of investment in the project, therefore, the petrochemical industry calls for economic steel pipe. China 's steel pipe manufacturing enterprises should focus on high - performance steel research and development work.

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