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After-sales System

After-sales System

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In order to reduce the cost and risk of customers, Lontrin provides all kinds of logistics and transportation services. In order to meet global customers demand for the supply time period, Lontrin adjusts the production plan and shipping plan flexibly. In order to reduce customer logistics costs, Lontrin can provide customers with tube management services, material planning, and even meet the most demanding zero inventory management needs to create values for customers, reduce the customer's risk and cost to a minimum.
After-sales service has been the core competitiveness of Lontrin. Since 2008, Lontrin Company has been committed to building the most competitive after-sales service system with "the best service, the lowest cost", gradually improving the service system, service organization and service quality through the analysis on the customer service status quo of Lontrin Steel Tube, and initially formed a user system with unique characteristics of Lontrin.
Lontrin provides comprehensive services through a complete set of supply chain management, including ordering, contract review, production, shipment and customer complaints, and strengthens customer service monitoring and management, improves the quality of after-sales service and further enhances the core competitiveness of company through user services supervising telephone and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction questionnaire. At present, the concept of customer service has been deep into the Lontrin Company's Production Department, Technical Department, Quality Assurance Department, Sales Department and other departments. Providing users with satisfactory service has become the responsibility of all employees. Lontrin Company will continue adhering to customer demand-oriented concept, creating value for customers, and building a Lontrin brand of customer service with most competitiveness.


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